Living With Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell Screening
To find out whether you or your loved one has sickle cell disease or the trait, your first line of defense is to get tested and know your sickle cell                                                                                           status.
Blood Samples
Who Should Take The Sickle Cell Test?
  •  Couples considering marriage

  •  Couples considering having children

  •  Athletes

  •  People of all races

  •  People who haven’t been tested

Why Should You Take The Test?
  • To know whether you carry the sickle cell trait

  • To know whether your children may be at risk for sickle

  • cell

  • To discover any potential health-related issues

Community Health Workers
Our certified Community Health Workers are on the front line helping you better manage and improve your health. They provide
the resources, information and advocacy you need to help you live well with sickle cell. Contact your (CHW) Macon GA:                                                                                   
                                                               Valerie Madera (478)787-8833
The Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia hosts an annual summer camp in July at the Rock
Eagle 4-H Center. This fun week-long experience gives children ages 7 to 17 a retreat from
the daily concerns of living with sickle cell disease.
Join The Fight To End Sickle Cell Disease