Welcome to Cedric Sickle Cell Support Group 4 Kids, Corp (CSC)

The support group 4 kids is the only Sickle Cell Support Group in Central Georgia.

Our mission is to educate, bring awareness and provide emotional and financial support


to families dealing with Sickle Cell Disease. We accomplish this through the development


of programs designed to enhance the lives of children with Sickle Cell Disease and


educate the community about Sickle Cell Disease.

We work daily with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, medical facilities and,


physicians, nurses, clinics, social workers, volunteers, and other organizations to


deliver and to help facilitate client services.


CSC (Cedric Sickle Cell) Support Group 4 Kids came into existence in 2013 by


husband and wife Vanessa C Harvey, and Anthony D. Harvey. The husband and


wife decide that our community could benefit from having a Sickle Cell Disease


support group, especially for the children after experiencing their own health


problems with sickle cell with their son.

Vanessa C. Harvey
Anthony D. Harvey
Co - Founder

As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, donations to CSC Support Group 4 Kids are tax-deductible. The Support Group is led by an elected


President. The Board is governed by established By-Laws.


The President leads the organizations day-to-day and executes the strategic vision of the Board.